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Tram Depot by Worsley Works

March 2008

Snaefell Mountain Railway Car kit in 4mm scale from Worsley Works

Worsley Works has another new item in its ever-growing selection of narrow gauge body kits This offering expands the Isle of Man list and represents the 3'6" gauge Snaefell Mountain Railway cars.

The superbly etched sheets of heavy gauge brass have crisply formed parts, complete with half-etched surface features and fold lines. This is far from the normal 'scratch aid' items normally offered by this supplier.

It is much more than a simple four-sided coach body with basic floor, and as such some background knowledge, with drawings and research, is recommended before construction is started

The body has the entire roof structure (prototypical from 1896 onwards] including the clerestory extension and the famous advertising roof boards

One of the nice features of this kit is that with a few hours spent on detailing the body, the modeller can represent any of five of the six cars dating from 1895 right up to present day.

The body includes what are potentially the six sides of the vehicle (including front and rear doors), driver's vestibule panels, and even the Fell brake wheel. Correct bogie sides are provided to replicate the pre-1977 pattern.

It was difficult to find fault with the kit during construction, although forming the domed lower roof, which is made from four shaped pieces, proved awkward; the soldering and bending is not the problem, but rather the final shaping and filing needed thereafter. If too much is removed (easy to do!), the gaps can be built up with solder

The kit does not include cab rear step risers, window bars and the characteristic Hopkinson overhead bow collectors.

The builder must also provide a mechanism. The one piece floor makes a good base for what ever arrangement is preferred in 4mm scale, 3'6' gauge is 14mm but 12mm or 14.2mm drives could be placed within the shell or under the floor. There are several specialist suppliers who could provide a suitable power unit, as well as items such as the bow collect
And do not forget the fell centre rail

For 4mm scale narrow gauge.

Allen Doherty, Worsley 19 Douglas Road. Worsley. M28 2SR

PRICE £35 00.
Please add £1 50 per order postage & packing.
Cheques payable to 'A. Doherty'