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September 1999
South African narrow gauge coach bodies now in 7mm scale
Photograph of 4mm Coach Body.
7mm kits are sides and ends only

Following the release of their first 'foreign' 4mm scale 'scratch-aid' roiling stock kits, a selection of South African bogie coaches, Worsley Works have been prevailed upon to repeat these vehicles in 7mm scale.

There are four items in the range: a Cape Government Railways 24''7" five compartment third to drawing 456/26120; a CGR 24'7" four compartment first to drawing 45516119, SAR type L-4; a CGR 24'7" brake first, SAR type N-3; and, perhaps most useful, a South African Railways 25' type V-S guards van.

The 7mm scale kits are rather more basic than their smaller counterpart's, in that they offer just the sides and ends: the builder must make his own provision for roof, underframe, and running gear, though a common underframe for the CGR vehicles is being considered.

Although produced in thicker brass than the smaller versions, the basic body "box" will need reinforcing to ensure the sides remain flat and true.

The level of detail and the standard of the drawing and etching is every bit as good as the smaller versions. The planking is well defined and the half-etched areas even, evidence of quality production techniques. Tabs to the fret are minimal and easily cleaned up. The holes for the door handles and handrails should need little or no opening out.

The sides and ends have no form of location, but they can be accurately soldered together it care is taken, standing them on a true flat surface. It is worth strengthening the corner with a fillet of solder.

The window droplight frames are etched separately to enable them to be represented in the open position if required.

The kits presume the builder will have access to drawings and photos to complete the detailing as appropriate

Worsley Works update their price list every month. For a copy of the current edition send 40 pence (stamps would be convenient) plus a large stamped self-addressed envelope.

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