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September 2002
Swedish narrow gauge coach body kit in HO scale
Worsley Works have produced to special commission a 'scratch aid' etched brass body kit for a Jonkoping-Gripenbergs Jarnvag third class bogie coach of 1893 (though the floor etch describes it as 2 and class of 1894), a charming little vehicle that is just 115mm long and 20mm wide in HO

All parts are very cleanly etched, with fine detail - note the gates, end railings, and verandah supports. Tabs to the fret are minimal and easily cleaned up, though care will be needed with some of the very delicate bits.

The holes for the door handles and handrails should need little or no opening out. Body side beading is etched in place, while the waist rail has to be added to give the correct layered effect. End beams complete the underframe.

As usual for Worsley products, though the floor is slotted to accept tabs en the solebars (note that the end tabs must be filed flush so the platform fits properly), and the base of the ends are recessed to fit over the frame, the sides and ends have no form of location, so to solder them together accurately they must be stood on a true flat surface. It is worth strengthening the corners with a fillet of solder

The window frames are etched separately to enable them to be represented open if required: it would appear that the slightly rounded inside corners go to the top.

The fold-back top bars provided to give the sides rigidity can be retained to help attach the roof, but the ends will have to be filed back to clear the body ends.

The side gates are formed separately, to allow them to be omitted for some periods: it might have been better to make them fold up from the end railings as they could easily have been detached if not required.

The builder must supply the roof, wire for handrails, couplings, and the nuts and bolts to hold body to frame and bogies to floor. Bogie frames are included, but there is no form of mounting, and no wheels: also note that, as the 60cm gauge vehicle is modelled accurately to HO scale, the bogies as supplied have but 10.7mm internal clearance and thus will not accept 9mm gauge wheel sets - we believe 6.5mm (Z) gauge should be used.

The kit presumes the builder will have drawings and photos to complete the detailing as appropriate. Worsley Works report that their client was delighted with the result, and we can well understand why.

Worsley Works update their price list frequently. For a copy of the current edition, send 50 pence (stamps would be convenient) plus a large stamped self-addressed envelope.


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